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Hi Everyone in winter wonderland.

Let me introduce myself, Bentley is my name and I am a American Bulldog and Cane Corso cross, My birthday is July 1/2020 so still a little in the puppy stage. I weigh about 80 lbs give or take a few. I really love love to play, but not so much in this cold cold weather, maybe a nice warm coat would keep me warmer, it’s worth a try, so I hope you are very active family. A couple of kids to play with would be awesome, and if I get adopted before Feb 4 you can send them a picture for that draw, along with my cute little two legged friends and maybe we can win that gigantic peanut butter cup. You can eat it while I just sit and drool, I will be just as happy having liver bites.

If you have another four legged friend my size to play with I will be in heaven.

I don’t pay attention to cats either, so if you have one of those it will be fine. I pull on the leash, as I get so excited to go for a walk, so a little guidance is in order, I am sure if you have liver bites in your pocket I won’t stray too far. I love to chase a ball and will bring it right back to you faster if you have liver bites. I hope that you have taken the hint that I really crave liver bites, so make sure you have lots on hand. Do I sound like your next best friend, I sure hope so, give the good folks a call to make an appointment to come and meet me, when you do, don’t be scared of my deep bark, it is all bark as I wag that big tail of mine. Please phone 519-287-2974.

Betty White Celebration of Her Life

Today Betty White would have been 100 yrs. young. It saddens us that she was taken before she reached that milestone.
She would be so happy that people from all over have been donating money and food in honor of her Birthday. We as well are so grateful to all the wonderful humanitarians out there that care as much as Betty did. We have received donations from far and near, Toronto, Southwest Middlesex, Elgin, Petrolia, Chatham Kent, the list goes on and on. We want to thank each and every one of you that thought of us on Betty’s day. It makes our hearts full ,knowing there are so many caring people out there. Happy Heavenly Birthday Betty, I am sure you are surrounded by furry friends on this special day.
I have included a few pictures of Betty as well as a Beautiful card made by the residents of Wardsville along with their donation.
From all of Us at the Glencoe Animal Shelter, THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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