Spring is just around the corner, and guess who likes to help outside, yes me, Lizzy.

Well what I mean by helping is being by your side, romping in the grass, or just watching you plant all those pretty flowers outside.

They think I am an Aussie mix girl, around 7-8 months old.. I am just learning to play with toys and balls, but I am catching on real fast. I can not believe that I have not had these in my life, they are so fun. I am very good on the leash, just love to go for walks, as long as I am with you, that’s all I worry about. I really love all people, and will smother you with kisses if you let me.

I am not to fond of cats or smaller dogs, but dogs my own size I love, so we can run and play and not have a care in the world. You can make me do almost anything for a treat, even if I am full I will take it and sit on it to save it for later. Do I sound like a perfect addition to your family, I really hope so. Give the good folks a call at 519-287-2974 to make an appointment to come and meet me.