For Adoption

Happy Weekend Everyone,

Penny here, I am an 11 month old Border Collie cross who weighs about 45 lbs.  I overheard the folks here saying I am such a sweetheart, that makes me so proud. Although I really love everyone here, I long for a family of my own, who will treat me like the Diva I am. I love, love to play ball, I can do that all day. They should have named me lightning as I sure can run like it, or wind, but that doesn’t sound too good, soPenny is good with me.

I listen very well and will come when called, cause I just love all you humans. I get along with other dogs, not sure about cats, but thinking not being a herding breed. I will sit beside you all day long as long as long as you are petting me, it feels so good to have your hands run through my hair, gives me jitters just thinking about it. Do I sound like the dog for you ? if so give the folks a call at 519-287-2974 to set up an appointment.